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History of the observatory

Astronomy and science at Abbadia

What science made at Abbadia ?
For nearly one century, the observatory operates very regularly and produces quality observations. The Abbadia site is not perfect for astronomical observations, the clear sky nights are rare but sufficient for the accumulated observational data to have a certain scientific interest.
The meridian transit circle is dedicated to astrometry: for years, astronomers measured the positions of stars visible from Abbadia and published catalogs, maps of the sky of Abbadia. These catalogs have proved to be accurate enough to serve for other astronomers who need references in the sky for their own measurements. The Abbadia catalogs have been used internationally.   
thanks from Arcetri Observatory (Italy) for data provided by Abbadia
Credit : Abbadia Archives 

star catalog of Abbadia published by the French Academy of sciences
Credit : Abbadia Archives  

The catalogues of the observations made at Abbadia are available on the page of the library.