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Astronomy at Abbadia today

The projects "FRIPON" and "Vigie-ciel"


the "Fripon" camera installed on the roof of the castle-observatory
Credit : JEA 

The astronomical revival of Abbadia was not limited to the operation of the telescope and other astronomical activities were invited in the context of participating astronomy. The FRIPON project (Fireball Recovery and Interplanetary Observation Network), initiated by IMCCE and Paris Observatory, is designed to observe meteors (shooting stars), detect them, determine their trajectory and find where the meteorites fell. A camera was installed for this on the roof of Abbadia: it regularly detects meteors whose images are centralized and used to calculate the places of fall.
In order to find meteorites whose fall has been observed and monitored, local teams are used to survey the defined area. This is the project "Vigie-ciel" piloted by the National Museum of Natural History.
See the website "Fripon" and the site "Vigie-ciel".
See the meteor of December 22, 2018 at 22h12 over Hendaye.