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History of the observatory

The library

The castle-observatory of Abbadia is more than a simple observation site. Antoine d'Abbadie's wish was also to make it a research center, a laboratory where searchers work. For this, a library filled with books and international journals related to the work done in Abbadia has found its place in the building.     

the Abbadia library
Credit : JEA 

In particular, the library of Abbadia must own the catalogs of stars published by the other observatories: the catalog realized in Abbadia is not isolated, it is connected to the other catalogs which, each one, describes a part of the sky, the one that is best observable from the observation site. After the death of Antoine d'Abbadie, the library was mainly fed by the astronomy books necessary for the work of the observers of Abbadia: ephemerides and catalogs of stars to find the stars to observe to improve the positions.
In order to allow easy access to the library, a digital library is planned. Many books are already available in digital form. Below are links to existing digital works.

  • Abbadia Observatory Observations
   Volumes:   0001   0002   0003   0004   0005   0006   0007   0008   0009   0010   0011   0012   0013   0014
  • Ephemerides: Connaissance des temps
  • Ephemerides and yearly data: Annuaire du Bureau des longitudes
  • Observatories Annales:
  • Papers on transit circles: